Are Politics too Controversial for the Church?

28 Aug

A friend challenged me with the idea that politics are too controversial for the church and preachers should just stick with preaching Jesus.  Here is my response.

Christ Jesus is Lord of all and as such He seeks complete devotion and obedience in our heart and in our life.  Clearly if my heart isn’t committed completely to the Lord then nothing I do will please Him, but if my heart is committed completely to the Lord it will affect every aspect of my life.  This is why I speak about politics.  I don’t compartmentalize my life or the Christian life.  I believe Christ must be Lord of all of my life and the lives of every believer.  I know of Pastors who don’t speak about politics because it is too controversial, but these men also don’t preach on the home or how to make an impact for Christ in your place of business.  The reason they don’t get into the “issues” is because they want everyone to get along and build a big successful church.  I don’t think you can always measure success but the size of the gathering.

I know this should be clear with Jesus being crucified on the cross, but Jesus is controversial.  Jesus went from 5,000 followers at the feeding of the 5 thousand to 120 at Pentecost.  Why did Jesus lose so many followers?  He was controversial!  Our message of Christ Jesus and how He impacts the home is controversial.  Our message of Christ Jesus and how He impacts our place of employment is controversial.  Our message of Christ Jesus and how He impacts our country is controversial.  To be honest, our message of Christ Jesus and how He impacts our lives is controversial.  Don’t worry, I realized that being a Christ follower means carrying our own cross and crosses are always controversial.

You made a statement that, “politics in the church has done absolutely nothing but divide the house of God over the centuries.”  I would encourage you as you read your Bible to examine how many of God’s messages and prophesies were political.  How many times did God challenge government leaders and call them to repentance?  The majority of God’s messages where spoken with the intent of bringing political change.  I think the history of slavery in America is a perfect example of the need for the church to be involved in politics.  Slavery ended when believers in the church got involved with politics.  I can talk very personally about this issue; one of the things I hate is that the Southern Baptist Convention was founded because believers in the South held to slavery.  They believed that their relationship with Christ didn’t impact whether they were slave owners or not.   I have read sermons by our Southern Baptist father’s where their belief was that slavery was an issue that should stay out of the church.  Thankfully we don’t have slavery in America because Christians disagreed with those men.  Thankfully we have repented as a convention over the actions of those early Southern Baptist.

Now you may say, “That is slavery and clearly the church has a voice on that issue and should be involved politically, but we don’t have any issues that are that important now.”  I would respectfully disagree with you.  We are enslaving the next generation to trillions of dollars worth of debt, we are losing the Biblical meaning of marriage, and we are exalting homosexuals as freedom fighters instead of calling them to repentance.  We have no idea of the true meaning of what it means to be a Christian, when a Mormon can claim to be a believer and no one rejects it.  Our concept of, “Separation of Church and State” is that God should only be part of someone’s private life and never a part of his public life.  The blood of 60 million babies is on our hands because we would rather vote for someone who cares more about the pocket book than the womb.   Our society has become a madhouse and our hope is found in the church house.

Our only hope is for men and women is to turn to the Jesus Christ, but how will they know unless we preach the Word to them.  Yes, our hearts must be completely for Jesus, but so must our lives.  The world must know how Jesus can make a difference in the home, the work place, the church, and the country.   So don’t be silent for Christ in politics or any area, but allow Him to impact every area of your life.

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