George Muller

25 Sep

I finished reading the autobiography of George Muller and loved it.  Many may not know who George Muller  is and what a special role he plays in Classic Christianity.  He was a man who simply trusted God and prayed for everything.  George Muller is most known for the orphanage he created for children.  He didn’t go around asking for money or taking out loans to provide what was needed for the children, he just prayed and God provided.  

In reading his book I can’t go back living the same.  Two things that changed in my life is the realization that debt is sin.  He makes a statement that if you have to go into to debt to buy something then God doesn’t want you to have it.  We have some debt but because of this challenge we have a plan to get out of debt and stay out.   The other thing is to trust God in prayer.  He makes the statement that if I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, then I can also can do nothing without Him.  It is clear that the life of faith and the life of prayer go hand and hand.  What would happen if you measured your life and ministry by the answers to prayer you have experienced?  Are you willing to trust God with your life, your needs, and your ministry?  I encourage everyone to read this book and allow God to challenge you to trust Him for everything.

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