Petra – “We Need Jesus”

10 Sep

As you listen to this song realize that Jesus is the only one answer to the real problems in your life.  I have heard people say that Jesus isn’t the only way and that there are many paths to enlightenment or even to God.  This is completely wrong.  The reason is an issue of sin.  Since no person is perfect, we are all with sin.  The Bible is clear that any sin will keep you from God the Father.  This is a huge problem, because how do you erase a sin?  Good deeds can’t do it.  Forgetting about it won’t do it either.  Wishing it away won’t make you clean.  The Bible says the only way for sin to be erase is for God to pour out His judgement on it.  The reason that Jesus Christ is the only way is He took all of God the Father’s judgement upon Himself and dead for sins on the cross.  He was buried for three days to prove that His work on the cross was complete.  Then God the Father resurrected Jesus bodily from the dead.  Jesus lives!  I challenge you to realize that there is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ having control of your life.  We truly need Jesus.

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Posted by on September 10, 2008 in Devotional


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