“Baptism of Fire” Part XIII by Leonard Ravenhill

31 Jul

My mother was a role model for me, my daddy was a role model. The best thing he ever did, he took me to a prayer meeting when I was fourteen years of age. And I remember that night, it comes to me often, often, often.

See, we’ve got the idea that the only reason you have to be filled with the Holy Ghost is you are going to be a missionary. The greatest break down in America is not in brothels tonight, and it is not in abortion, the greatest break down in America is in the home.

It’s not what YOU have to bring to God. It’s what GOD can give you. We don’t have men like we used to have.  When Whitefield came from England the population of Boston was 12 thousand and he drew 14 thousand a night without black-topped roads, without restaurants. One man says, “I put my wife on the back of the old mare and I got up, the snow was so deep we struggled up hills and valleys, and finally I got off and just led the horse. And I was soaking wet. There were no pews no shelter, I stood there in the snow and I heard a man who was blazing with God! I never realized till I moved that my trousers were almost stiff with frost, they were wet through and then they were stiff in the frost. We went home. The poor old mare was tired out the next day when we got home, but we turned round and we went back again.” Why did they go all that way? Preachers don’t have to do that now. You just get enough money and you get a TV program and poor swell-headed guys think they are turning the world upside-down. And we are as far lost down the pit as we were before we started.

God isn’t looking for organizing. He is looking for agonizing. And he talks about praying in the Holy Ghost. And I want to learn more of that. It’s beyond praying in tongues. And I am not knocking tongues.

What we’ve had in the last 25 years with all the Pentecostal churches we haven’t moved this nation for God.  How is it that 120 turned the world upside-down? They’d no money, they hadn’t the screen, they couldn’t throw what they were saying into a million homes.

I am sure in my own heart, what God is looking for is to take total possession of some men in their spirit, their soul, their mind, their will.

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