“Baptism of Fire” Part XII by Leonard Ravenhill

30 Jul

He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost. William Booth put up his slogan, “Blood and Fire.” Studebaker, the carriage and auto-maker, stood in New Castle, Pennsylvania one day, in the late 1890’s. He was saying good-bye to a young man who was the most brilliant university orator in America. His name was Brengle.  Studebaker shook hands with him and said, “Brengle, I wish I was as sure of becoming the president of the United States as I am that you’ll become the Archbishop of Canterbury.” Studebaker and this fellow had seen buddies in college. Studebaker, poor soul, all he did was become a millionaire. This young man with his oratory, went and laid it at the feet of Jesus.

He got to London and to the Salvation Army head quarters tired out; it took four weeks to get there by boat. “Well, who are you?” William Booth asked. “I am Doctor Brengle.” “Doctor Brengle?”  They didn’t need doctors; their theology wasn’t sick.  “What have you come for?” “I heard the Holy Ghost is here. I’ve crossed the Atlantic, I want to be filled with the Holy Ghost. I don’t depend on my theology, my learning. I have a lot of scholarship, but I need Fire, I need Fire, I need Fire!” William Booth said, “You’ll get it. Tomorrow morning at five o-clock, you’ll polish the shoes of fifty students.”  And none of them had one leg. A hundred big high-top boots! And not spray polish. But Dr. Brengle later said, “It is there God taught me a lesson of patience.”

They did not open the door and say, “We were waiting for a talented man like you to teach on the book of the Revelation. We’d like you to lead the prayer meeting tomorrow morning.” They said, “Stick your nose down there.” Brengle did. And he waited on God and God filled him with the Holy Ghost.

Later, a deaf person was asked after one of Brengle’s meetings why she had come to the altar if she didn’t hear the message. She answered, “Because I could see what I never have seen in a preacher in all my life.” “What was it?” “I saw the beauty of Jesus in him while he was preaching. I don’t know what he was saying, but I knew there was something in him I did not have!”

Come on parent, are you living so your children will want something that is in your life, something that is beautiful? Something that they can’t see in school, that they can’t see in a magazine? And they can’t see in church, maybe?

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