“Baptism of Fire” Part XI by Leonard Ravenhill

28 Jul

Again, “make our weak hearts strong and brave.” The only way you can get dross out of gold is put it in acrucible. Today they put it in an induction crucible. You press the button, the heat comes up, the gold sinks to the bottom of the crucible, and a man sits there with a sieve and he takes the scum off the top and throws it out and throws it out. He is there half an hour, then he quits. “Are you tired?” “No.” “Why do you quit?”  “It’s pure.” “How do you know?” “Because I can see my reflection in it.”

Doesn’t Malachi say, “When He comes, He is a purifier of Silver?” Who shall abide the day of His coming?   Dear God! We talk about one year revival. If we have Holy Ghost Revival, maybe you won’t sleep for the first ten days of it. God will do such a refining, such a purifying, maybe not on your husband or your wife, on you. Fifty years ago the most popular chorus was, “Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me, All His wonderful passion and purity, Oh, Thou Spirit Divine, all my nature refine, ‘Til the beauty of Jesus is seen in me,”

The refiner sits there, He has me in the furnace and He heats it, and He heats it, and He heats it – and it feels like hell sometimes.  He throws out what He doesn’t like: my pride, my ambition, my secret lust, my temper, my unforgiving spirit, my stubbornness (we don’t think much of that, but stubbornness is as the sin of witchcraft in the Word of God.)  He purifies until He looks in me and sees His reflection. He won’t be satisfied with less. He doesn’t come to make me a great preacher, or a great writer, or a great singer, or a great organizer. He comes because He wants to reflect His beauty in my life. Gentleness and meekness and holiness.  The self-life goes out.  Self-interest goes out.  Self-glory goes out. Self-seeking goes out.  Self-righteousness goes out.  Do you think it’s easy? We have lived with it so long that we like ourselves. And God long ago stopped liking us. And the Scripture talks about the Word of God being a mirror. You know, when revival comes He holds the mirror up and you see yourself. 

Remember the old story of Cromwell? An artist begged could he paint him, and Cromwell had a great big wart on his chin. And the artist painted him minus the wart. When he went in he said, “What do you think?” Cromwell answered, “Paint me wart and all! It’s part of me.” “Lord paint me, but don’t show me my wart. Don’t show me I am basically selfish, full of self-interest and full of self-seeking, I am full of pride, I am full of anger, I am full of bitterness, I have an unforgiving…don’t show me that I am as ugly as the devil.” The smart boys today tell you that your trouble is that your self image is so poor, you have such a poor image of yourself. No, your trouble is that you’ve too good an image of yourself! “Paint me wart and all.”

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