“Baptism of Fire” Part IV by Leonard Ravenhill

19 Jul

Let me look at this in Exodus 32. “Moses took the tabernacle, and pitched it without the camp, afar off from the camp, and called it the Tabernacle of the congregation. And it came to pass, that every one which sought the Lord went out unto the tabernacle of the congregation, which was without the camp. And it came to pass, when Moses went out unto the tabernacle, that all the people rose up, and stood every man at his tent door, and looked after Moses, until he was gone into the tabernacle. And it came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle the cloudy pillar descended.” It was a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day.

If you were in London going past where the queen lives and somebody says, “The queen is at home,” you would wonder how does he know. Well, because when she is at home the flag is flying, when she is not at home it’s not there. I believe the sign of God’s presence in a sanctuary is the pillar of fire. It’s the living vibration of an Eternal God who stands in the midst and does something you can’t explain. God is beyond definition. I cannot explain Him. I can experience Him. I know when He touches me as I am alone in the night, two or three o’clock in the morning. I know when His Living Presence comes into my office in a special wave of anointing.  But notice He did not come until they went outside the camp!!

There are very, very, few occasions when God Almighty has revived dead denominations. The men who stirred their generations had to go outside the camp. Doesn’t it say in Hebrews 13:12 that He went outside the camp?! That’s fine, but when it comes to verse 13 you go outside the camp and bear His reproach. Maybe before long God will bring a cleavage somewhere in this city, I hope He does. And you will have to get outside of the camp. You will have to leave your group, and you will have to go join a people who have the anointing of God. They may be poor, and have no stained glass window, and beautiful choir…

I am impressed with this, you may not be, but I am. Verse 9: “It came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle, the cloudy pillar descended, and stood at the door of the tabernacle…. And all the people saw the cloudy pillar.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful…? Imagine if you could answer your child as one of those Israeli mothers would. Her little boy wakes up at night and says,

“Mommy, sometimes I think of those days we were in Egypt, I think about that terrible journey we made and I wonder what’s going to happen.” She puts her arms around him and says, “Darling, you see that? That pillar of fire over there? That’s the holy place. Our Holy God brands it with His presence of fire.”

Doesn’t it say in Hebrews that God makes His Angels ministering Spirits, and His ministers flames of fire?We’ve got snowmen in the pulpits with icicles hanging all around. If ever the fire comes there’ll be some melting!

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Posted by on July 19, 2008 in Church Helps, Devotional


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