New Members Material: Week 2 – Serving in Christ

07 Jun

As a new believer in Jesus Christ, you are starting a journey which will end with you becoming Christ-like and spending eternity in heaven with the Lord. Between now and then, you have been given a ministry to fulfill in Christ.  You weren’t saved by good works, but saved for good works.  As Christ changes you into His image, He wants to change your world through you.  As you identified your life with Christ for salvation in part 1, this week you will be challenged to identify your life with Christ for service in part 2. 



1.  Read Mark 10:45 and write down the reason Jesus came to earth?



2.  Read Philippians 2:5-8.  The text tells us that Jesus Christ, even though He is God, became a servant.  What does the text encourage you to do?



3.  Read John 17:18.  What was Jesus’ purpose and what is your purpose as His follower?





  Once you realize that life isn’t all about you anymore, but about serving God and others, you may feel overwhelmed.  You may feel unworthy or unable to serve, but the good news is that Christ has given you everything you need to do all that He wants.  Right now, I encourage you to trust Christ and be willing to take the first step of service. 

 Your life of service begins with Baptism.  Baptism is the act of not only identifying with Christ’s death and resurrection but also with His life of service.  Reading the baptism accounts of Christ, one realizes that Christ was baptized first and then He began His earthly ministry.  Why should you be baptized?  You should be baptized because you are ready to serve the Lord. 


1.  Read Matthew 3:13-17 and describe the events of Jesus’ baptism.



2.   Have you been baptized?  If you have write down when.  If you haven’t what steps are you going to take to be baptized?



The second step in living a life of service for the Lord is joining a local church.  Paul describes the church as the body of Christ.  Christ is the head of the body and each member functions together so that the body can work properly.  Think about this, if someone came up to you and said, “I love your face, but your body is ugly.”  Would you take that statement as a complement?  Many are doing the same thing when they say they can love Christ and not want to be a part of a church.


1.      Read 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27, describe the church and your role in it?



The third step of service, after being baptized and joining a local church, is attending church.  It is hard to serve if you don’t show up.  Studies show that two thirds of those on the membership roles never show up.  How will you be different?  There are three areas where your participation is needed.  Here is the great news; if you participate in these three areas you will become more Christ-like the more you’re involved. 

 The first area of involvement is participating in one worship service.  As a member of this church, you need to choose at least one worship service a week to participate in.  You serve God by worshipping Him along with other believers.

 The second area of involvement is participating in one Bible Study group.  You need to experience and share the intimacy of a small group where the Bible is taught and accountability is shared.  Most people allow Sunday School to be their Bible Study group, while others have a group that meets at another time of the week.  We aren’t concerned with the time that a group meets as long as it meets weekly.

 The last area of involvement is participating in one ministry.  We need you to choose a place of service.  There are tons of ministries in the church.  The great news is that when God saved you, He empowered you to serve.  You were created to serve in this church.  Where will you serve?  Here are some questions to help you find your spot of service.



1.  What are your skills?




2.  What are you passionate about?




3.  What experiences can you share and learn from?


 In closing, you have identified with Christ through salvation and now you are identifying with the church through serving.  You are a minister and your ministry begins with baptism.  As you declare that you are ready to serve God, He gives you a place to serve and that is the local church.  Join the local church and your participation in one worship service, Bible Study, and ministry will make a world of difference not only in your life, but also in the lives of others.  All the while, Christ works through you and makes you more like Him.  
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