The Happening

21 May

  I was inspired today to take time and update this wonderful blog.  I enjoy blogging, but my schedule hasn’t allowed much time for writing.   Our journey has been an interesting one.  According to the world and probably according to most Christians I’m a failure.  Success according to many would be for me to be a full time pastor at a Southern Baptist Church.  Success would be preaching in a pulpit every Sunday.  This is how I defined success until last year when God lead us away from the church we were pastoring.  We moved to plant a church.

  We knew it would be hard but we didn’t expect how lonely it would be.  We knew that if a church was going to grow it had to be based on more than me.  We expected God to provide the partners that could work with me to plant this “church”.  Adventure Baptist Church was a dream of mine, but God had a different path.  God gave me a partner, but it was in doing a service for truck drivers at a local Flying J.  I had to be out there for eight months until I realized that every Sunday a new church was being planted.  I didn’t realize that I had been a church planter for eight months. 

  Our journey has been interesting in that while I’m a member of the church at the Flying J, I am also a partner at Life Church.  Life Church has been a great experience and refreshment for me and my family.  They aren’t a SBC church, but I can honestly say that the reason I’m a partner with them is because I am a Southern Baptist.  They teach the Word of God and they minister to people.  We have found a home in our small group.  They have ministered to us in amazing ways.

  If you are keeping count that makes me a member of two churches, but I have also joined a local Baptist Church.  I am working with a friend of mine helping him to develop the discipleship program of the church.  I teach the new member’s class and I wrote the material we use.  I am starting a new discipleship group next week.  It is exciting to see people learn what it means to follow Christ.

  Now I realize that many may wonder why we are members of three churches?  The reason is the trinity.  One for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  J/K.  I have realized that I belong to Christ and I need to serve where God gives me opportunity.  I am loyal to each church and support each by tithe and time.

  I have to announce that Andrew Micheal Burchfiel was born May 7th.  He is great, but he doesn’t allow Kristi to get much sleep at night.  Please pray that he gets on a schedule.  In the last several months, many churches have contacted us about being their senior pastor.  Please pray that we will have wisdom.  We want to make a difference for the Kingdom.  

In closing here is a picture of my boy.


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