Let’s Get Personal

28 Sep



I took a two week vacation from blogging with the purpose of spending additional time making some changes.  Things have most certainly changed, but I will save the most exciting news for last. 

I have been in a whirlwind of job searches this past summer.  As we wait on the Lord for the next area of service, I have been looking for a job that would pay well and provide the schedule that I needed to focus on the Lord and my family.  I was hired at Footlocker as a manager in training and worked there during the summer.  My hours continued to increase so I took a job with Steve Bailey Honda as a car salesman.  I had fewer hours but still was dissatisfied because of some ethical issues.  I took my two week vacation to send out resumes and Wednesday I was hired by OfficeMax.  I start October 8th.  I’m really excited and this is a huge answer to prayer.

It is easy to forget as a minister how hard it is to balance family, job, and ministry.  I truly believe we in church staff positions should be extremely thankful for the sacrifice families make in serving our churches.  I am still involved in a truck stop ministry that is awesome.  Plus, I’m available for revivals or filling the pulpit if any church is interested.  Hint, Hint J

I have enrolled in Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I will start working towards my Doctor of Ministry degree in the Spring of 2008.  Getting away from the “Baptist Argument” has been great.  I love Southern Baptists and pray that God will bring a revival of repentance.  Only a fresh touch from God will save us.

Last and most important, my wife informed me yesterday that we are pregnant with our second child.  We are shocked and amazed at God’s goodness.  My wife and I had tried to have a child for eight years without any success.  We felt God leading us to IVF.  God provided our daughter through this process.  We had been discussing when to try for a second child and God did what doctor’s didn’t think could happen.  God did what we didn’t think could happen.  God is awesome. 

There is much to get to today and I will be writing more in the days to come, but for now thanks for the prayers and stay tuned. 

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