Good People Go To Church…

23 Aug

 “Good people go to church and bad people don’t.”  This statement is the common perspective that many people have concerning church and why they should attend.  Many attend church because they already think they are a good person or that by attending church they would become a good person.  On the other side of the coin many don’t attend church because they consider themselves bad and church as a place for good people. 

  Over the last month I found out that my fellow employees where I work are church attendees.  I was surprised because in their speech, lifestyle, and relationships there isn’t any hint of anything Christian.  I’m guilty of thinking first, “Why do they go to church if they are going to live the rest of the week the way they do.”  Then I thought, “They need to go to church if they are going to live the rest of the week the way they do.”  I had to decide what the purpose of church is.  I believe the Biblical church is design to lead people without Christ into a relationship with Christ through proclaiming God’s Word and providing an example of His love.  The church is also designed to lead people with Christ into a growing relationship with Christ through teaching them how to live for Christ and helping them find their area of ministry. 

  After talking to my fellow employees about what church they attended and what they learned from their church experience I found that there is a huge problem.  Most people aren’t getting anything out of church.  I believe the problem is that most church leaders assume that the people that are there at church are good people and they really don’t need to talk about Christ.  The solution is to see the church for what it is the platform for telling people about Jesus Christ and the incredible change He makes in a life. 

   In closing the church isn’t for good people, but for people who need to hear about Christ and His Lordship.  The goal is for the church to become passionate again about sharing Christ with all people.   

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Posted by on August 23, 2007 in theology


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